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BRAND NAMES: How to Pronounce the Names of the Most Famous Brands in English

    Brands are all around us every day, so much that we have become accustomed to them. But do you know what a brand is? And are you always sure you are pronouncing their names in the right way? In this article, you will find everything you need to know about brands, as well as the pronunciation and meaning of their names.

    Learn the Correct Pronunciation of Brand Names

    What is a Brand?

    A brand is a special mark attributed to all the things we enjoy and love, to make it easy for us to recognize it. It could be our favourite toy, a yummy snack, or even the clothes we wear. A brand allows products to stand out thanks to its unique characteristics – it could be a name, a logo, or even a colour.

    So, brands are like tags that help us recognize and love all of our favourite things. Here are some common examples of brand names and their pronunciation. Many of these brands have names that come from different languages such as German, Italian and French. We have:

    1. Google – «Goo-gul»
    2. Microsoft – «My-kroh-soft»
    3. Amazon – «Am-uh-zon»
    4. Facebook – «Fayss-book»
    5. Twitter – «Twi-ter»
    6. Instagram – «In-sta-gram»
    7. Snapchat – «Snap-chat»
    8. WhatsApp – «Whats-app»
    9. Tesla – «Tes-lah»
    10. Sony – «So-knee»
    11. Dell – «Del»
    12. Lenovo – «Len-no-vo»
    13. Toyota – «Toy-oh-ta»
    14. Honda – «Hon-da»
    15. Mercedes-Benz – «Mer-say-deez Benz»
    16. Apple – «Ap-ul»
    17. Samsung – «Sam-sung»
    18. LG – «L-G»
    19. Nike – «Ni-key»
    20. Adidas – «Ah-dee-das»
    21. Puma – «Poo-ma»
    22. Zara – «Zah-rah»
    23. Gucci – «Goo-chee»
    24. Prada – «Prah-da»
    25. Louis Vuitton – «Loo-ee Vwee-tahn»
    26. Chanel – «Sha-nel»
    27. Rolex – «Row-leks»
    28. SpaceX – «Space-X»
    29. NASA – «Nah-suh»
    30. Netflix – «Net-flix»
    31. Hulu – «Hoo-loo»
    32. Disney+ – «Disney Plus»
    33. Zoom – «Zoo-m»
    34. Skype – «Sky-p»
    35. Uber – «Oo-ber»
    36. Airbnb – «Air-bee-en-bee»
    37. H&M – «H and M»
    38. Forever 21 – «Forever Twenty-One»
    39. Topshop – «Top-shop»
    40. Mango – «Man-go»
    41. Calvin Klein -« Kal-vin Kleyn»
    42. Versace – «Ver-sah-chee»
    43. Marc Jacobs – «Mark Jay-kubs»
    44. Valentino – «Val-en-tee-noh»
    45. Tiffany & Co. – «Tif-a-nee and Co»
    46. Converse – «Con-vers»
    47. Vans – «Vanz»
    48. Timberland – «Tim-ber-land»
    49. Balenciaga – «Bah-len-see-ah-gah»
    50. Fila – «Fee-la»
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    Meaning of Brand Names

    Many brands choose their names accurately, in order to convey a particular message. Such names are inspired by many different ideas, people or stories. Let’s look at some examples of brand names and their meanings.

    «Nike» which was named after the Greek winged Goddess of victory, it symbolises speed, strength and victory.

    We also have the Japanese company «Toyota», which is a multinational automotive manufacturer. The name Toyota comes from the founder’s family name Toyoda, which means ‘fertile rice paddy’ in Japanese.

    Another example is «LEGO» which comes from a contraction of the Danish phrase Leg Godt, meaning ‘Play well’.

    The automotive company «Tesla» is named after the inventor and electrical engineer Nikola Tesla.

    The company «DELL», specialized in technology, is named after its founder, Micheal Dell

    Another example is «LG», whose name stands for Lucky Goldstar

    The name «Samsung», on the other hand, is composed of the Korean words Sam – meaning three – and Sung, which means stars.

    «IBM», which stands for International Business Machines

    «Nintendo» comes from the Japanese and is composed of two words: Ni – meaning leave – and Ten – meaning luck.

    The name «Microsoft» is a combination of the words microcomputer and software.

    «AMD» is also a brand name which means Advanced Micro Devices

    «Intel» is short for Integrated Electronics

    «Nokia» is named after the town of Nokia, in Finland.

    The famous company of «McDonalds» is named after the brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald who founded the restaurant.

    «Dove» is one of the better-known beauty and skin care companies in the word, and its name conveys a sense of purity and gentleness.

    «Sonny» comes from the Latin word Sonus which translates to sound.

    We also have «Nivea», whose name means Purity, highlighting the use of natural ingredients in Nivea products.

    «ASOS», one of the most famous clothing companies in the world today. The name of the brand is an acronym for ‘As seen on screen’. The name was shortened to ASOS to make it more memorable and easier to pronounce.

    «Starbucks» nowadays is the most popular coffee company all over the world. The story behind its name is unique, since the company was originally called ‘Starbo’ after a town situated in north America. However, the name people remembered was ‘Starbucks’, as one of the characters of Moby Dick.

    «Amazon». The name Amazon, inspired by the Amazonian River, aims to draw attention to the vast size and diversity of the online store.

    Then, there is «Blackberry». The name refers to one of the defining features of their phones, characterised by a series of small buttons which look like a blackberry.

    «Reddit» is defined as the front page of the internet. The company chose its name to mimic the term ‘Read it’. This draws attention to its focus on delivering content from all around the world.

    Last but not least, we have «Durex». The term Durex recalls the word ‘Durability’, which is what most people want from a birth control company.

    Please remember to practice naming all these brands, trying to remember them from their Logo or signs.

    Fantastic! We have reached the end of this lesson. As we have said, practice naming all the brand names will be useful to learn how to properly pronounce them in English! To improve your language skills in English, you can continue your study of the English language by delving into the topic of prepositions in English. Goodbye and see you next time!

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