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About Us

Learn English Fluently Academy is a modern center dedicated to the teaching and learning of English, characterized by professionalism and expertise within a welcoming environment conducive to shared experiences and knowledge. It is of utmost importance to us that each student feels comfortable and becomes an integral part of our family. This philosophy not only contributes to creating a positive atmosphere but also facilitates optimal learning, enabling us to achieve ambitious goals in a short timeframe.

Learn English Fluently Academy offers:

  • Native-speaking instructors;
  • Specific courses to obtain English certifications;
  • Courses in conversation, translation, and grammar.



Matteo Dabellonio - LearnEnglishFluentlyAcademy

Dynamic, versatile, and charismatic, Matteo Dabellonio holds a bachelor’s degree in Communication and Multimedia, which has enabled him to acquire excellent knowledge in the field of digital marketing.

His greatest passions lie in computer science and foreign languages; he is fluent in both Italian and Spanish and possesses deep expertise in video and photo editing, social media management, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

He is responsible for the management, maintenance, and creation of content for the website and social media pages of BurbujaDELEspañol. Additionally, he directs and coordinates the teachers and collaborators of the platform to ensure the smooth execution of Spanish language and culture teaching activities.

Simultaneously, Matteo works as a qualified Italian language teacher on various language learning platforms, such as italki and preply, where he has conducted courses for students from around the world.


Rocco Dabellonio - LearnEnglishFluentlyAcademy

Rocco Dabellonio completed his Ph.D. in «Lingüística Teórica y Aplicada» at the Complutense University of Madrid, with the highest honors and international mention. He earned his master’s degree in «Language, Society and Communication» from the University of Bologna and his bachelor’s degree in «Comunicazione Linguistica e Interculturale» from the University of Bari, graduating with top honors.

He is coauthor of several publications in Italian and Spanish, including «Italiano Colloquiale: Parole ed Espressioni per Tutti i Giorni» (2020); «Natale in Italia: tradizioni, usanze e cibi» (2021); «Más allá de la gramática: refranes y expresiones para hablar español como los nativos» (2022); «Parolacce… e come evitarle!» (2022).

He is the winner of the II PAREFRAS Research Prize in Phraseology and Paremiology Wolfgang Mieder with his article “Análisis fraseológico en La buena suerte de Rosa Montero,” published in the journal Paremia.

Rocco has conducted numerous seminars at Italian and foreign universities, including Sapienza University of Rome, Complutense University of Madrid, University of Cordova, and University of Bucharest. He has also participated as a speaker in national and international conferences in the fields of Italian linguistics, phraseology, and Spanish teaching.

He was a member of the teaching innovation projects at the University of Cordova, such as “Estrategias para el desarrollo de competencias transversales aplicadas a la enseñanza-aprendizaje del italiano para estudiantes de lenguas modernas y traducción de la UCO” (2021/2022) and “Herramientas y recursos digitales para la enseñanza-aprendizaje del italiano a estudiantes de lenguas modernas y traducción de la UCO” (2022/2023).

Rocco contributes to the management and expansion of the Refranero multilingüe of the Instituto Cervantes, a catalog of proverbs involving professors from various universities.

He is responsible for LearnAmo and BurbujaDELEspañol, platforms with content for learning/improving the Italian and Spanish languages.



Graziana Filomeno - LearnEnglishFluentlyAcademy

Graziana Filomeno graduated with top honors in Linguistic and Intercultural Communication from the University of Bari.

She works as a qualified Italian language teacher on various language learning platforms, including italki, where she has conducted Italian language courses for people from all around the world.

She is a co-author of several publications in the Italian language, such as “Italiano Colloquiale: Parole ed Espressioni per Tutti i Giorni” (2020), “Natale in Italia: tradizioni, usanze e cibi” (2021), and “Parolacce… e come evitarle!” (2022).

Graziana has collaborated with prestigious foreign universities on projects and courses related to linguistics and the teaching of the Italian language, including Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED) and Universidad de Córdoba (UCO).

Her native language is Italian, but she is fluent in English and French, in addition to having excellent knowledge of German and Spanish.

Teaching is her natural inclination, which she expresses through the language and culture content she creates for LearnAmo and BurbujaDELEspañol.


Catherine Ada SUH CHEO

Catherine Ada Suh Cheo - LearnEnglishFluentlyAcademy

With nearly 5 years of experience in multinational accounting and finance, she has demonstrated competence in various areas. Her journey is marked by precision, collaborative problem-solving, and pursuit of excellence.

As a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of Leicester, United Kingdom, she deepened her understanding of economics.

She has devoted time to teaching English, one of her greatest passions, giving lessons to adults and children since the age of 18, to those in need.

She is currently pursuing a PhD in Economics at the University of Leicester, United Kingdom, with the aim of enhancing her expertise. She continues to integrate English teaching into her academic projects, recognizing the importance of clear and effective communication in a global context.

Proficient in accounting software (QuickBooks, Sage 100, Peachtree) and data analysis tools (Minitab, SPSS, EViews), she is ready for evolving financial scenarios.