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Countries, Nationalities and Languages Vocabulary in English: Adjective & Noun Forms

    In this comprehensive article, we will embark on an insightful exploration of countries and nationalities in English, elucidating the diverse methods of referring to both countries and their inhabitants within the English language.

    Countries and Nationalities in English

    The term ‘Nationality’ is not commonly employed in everyday spoken English. It carries a formal and official tone, and thus, it tends to be more prevalent in written discourse. It finds significant usage within the realms of travel and immigration.

    Rarely would one inquire directly: “What is your nationality?”

    Instead, it’s more common to inquire: “Where are you from?” or “Where do you come from?”

    When indicating one’s nationality, it’s not customary to say: “My nationality is Chilean.”

    Rather, the standard expression is: “I’m Italian.”

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    Here is a list of countries and their respective nationalities:

    List of countries and their nationalities

    Afghanistanan Afghan
    Albaniaan Albanian
    Algeriaan Algerian
    Australiaan Australian
    Austriaan Austrian
    Bangladesha Bangladeshi
    Barbadosa Barbadian, a Bajan
    Belarusa Belarussian
    Belgiuma Belgian
    Brazila Brazilian
    Cameroona Cameroonian
    Canadaa Canadian
    Chada Chadian
    Chilea Chilean
    Chinaa Chinese** person
    Colombiaa Columbian
    Comorosa Comorian
    Congoa Congolese** person
    Costa Ricaa Costa Rican
    Denmark a Danish person
    Dominicaa Dominican
    Ecuadoran Ecuadorian
    Egyptan Egyptian
    Englandan English** person
    Equatorial Guineaan Equatorial Guinean
    Ethiopiaan Ethiopian
    Fijia Fijian
    Finlanda Finn, a Finnish** person
    Francea French** person
    Gabona Gabonese** person
    Georgiaa Georgian
    Germanya German
    Ghanaa Ghanaian
    Greecea Greek
    Greenlanda Greenlander
    Guineaa Guinean
    Hungarya Hungarian
    Haitia Haitian
    Icelandan Icelander
    Indiaan Indian
    Indonesiaan Indonesian
    Irelandan Irish** person
    Israelan Israeli
    Italyan Italian
    Jamaicaa Jamaican
    Japana Japanese** person
    Kenyaa Kenyan
    Lebanona Lebanese** person
    Liberiaa Liberian
    Libyaa Libyan
    Madagascara Madagascan
    Malawia Malawian
    Malaysiaa Malaysian
    Malia Malian
    Maltaa Maltese** person
    Mauritiusa Mauritian
    Mexicoa Mexican
    Moroccoa Moroccan
    Namibiaa Namibian
    Nigeriaa Nigerian
    North Koreaa North Korean
    Palestinea Palestinian
    Panamaa Panamanian
    Perua Peruvian
    Qatara Qatari
    Romaniaa Romanian
    Saudi Arabiaa Saudi Arabian, a Saudi
    Scotlanda Scot, a Scottish** person
    Senegala Senegalese** person
    Thailanda Thai
    The Bahamasa Bahamian
    Tunisiaa Tunisian
    Türkiye (formerly written as Turkey)a Turk
    Ugandaa Ugandan
    Ukrainea Ukrainian
    United Kingdom (UK)a Brit, a British** person
    Venezuelaa Venezuelan
    Vietnama Vietnamese** person
    Walesa Welsh** person
    Zambiaa Zambian

    Great! we have reached the end of this lesson. In the next video, we will learn together the articles (A, An, The) in English. See you soon, bye!

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