Practice, practice, practice your English conversations

One of the first steps for improving your English conversation skills is to identify what problem is preventing you from making progress at your desired pace. Some problems which prevent progress may result from not being organized, not scheduling time for English conversations, not reading or not speaking English every day. If you can identify the problem, then try this. What if you were someone else, for example, what if you were your Mother, or your best friend? What would your Mother or your best friend tell you to do in order to fix the problem? How might an outside person advise you to fix the problem?

Think about what worked for you in the past, when you wanted to learn a difficult subject. How much time did you devote to learning that subject? What processes or patterns of behavior did you employ in order to be successful? How is this different? What lessons from past experience could you apply to improving your English conversations?

In America, the following question is often posed, since the answer is taught by many mothers to their children.

Question: How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Answer: Practice, practice, practice.

This is Carnegie Hall:

We can apply the same answer to our English conversations. How do we improve our English conversations? We practice, practice, practice.

We practice listening to conversations: Listen to English videos, movies, movies with sub-titles in your first language, and listen to audio presentations. Listen repeatedly, until you understand. You may have to listen as many as 30 times. Take time to research the meaning of new phrases.

We practice sharing: Share your English skills in conversation with someone who knows less English than you do. Teach someone.

We practice speaking: Speak to your children in English. Go to meetings or events where English speaking people gather. Arrive early. Start asking questions of those persons who arrive early. Engage them in conversation.

Try it, and reply below to tell us how this worked for you.