Clarify Questions

Do you understand my English?

We face a world where globalization affects business and services transactions. We face a future of necessary global cooperation and collaboration , where the common currency  of interaction, for business or for pleasure, is English. Here are a few questions to ponder.

Can you extract meaning from what I am saying?

Do you understand my English in the context of my culture or only your culture?

My English is different from yours, and different than standard British or American English. Do you want to understand how you can help me, and how I can help you?

If I have oil in my land, but my English does not meet either British or American English standards, will you still try to understand me?

Learning English must include the practice of extracting meaning from all forms of English spoken.

Here are some ways to extract meaning:

1. Ask questions to clarify and confirm meaning.


Clarify Questions
Clarify Questions

2. Show images or examples of what you mean, or what you think the other person means.
Apple rose3. Send a written version of any oral agreement. If you speak to someone face to face or in a telephone conference call, make sure you send a written version of decisions made to all participants.

4. Practice listening to and interpreting English spoken from all over the world. There are podcasts everywhere, on YouTube, on  From any conversation or meeting you attend, identify the following details on your notepad.

Use the 5 W’s + HOW template:  WHO are they talking about? WHAT are they talking about? WHY are the talking about the ‘who’ and the ‘what’? WHERE are they talking about? WHEN are they talking about? HOW – are they explaining a process, or a method?

Listen again or ask a question if you don’t understand any of the 5 W’s + HOW information.


Listening to podcasts

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How are you affected by globalization and world Englishes?

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