Improve Your Presentation Skills, Public Speaking

Do you want to increase your ability to inspire other people? Improve your confidence in communicating to an audience. Do you want to polish your presentation for work or university? Let’s hear it. You will experience the power of personal, meaningful, 1 to 1 feedback. This will help you to refine your speech, and persuade your audiences.

If you sometimes feel shy about speaking in front of an audience with your current business English skills, this is the place for you! I offer you a supportive and positive learning environment in which to experiment and practice.

Do you have to give a presentation at work or present your research paper, using business English? Practice with me here: Tutor Marie You are safe. Let’s me give you useful feedback BEFORE your big day! You will discover your most effective style for turning your speech into conversations with an audience.

Get help here: Practice with me here: Tutor Marie

Assess your speaking skills here.


When you are ready – video tape your presentation. Upload to your website.

VIDEO: Christine Clapp: Here are Five Secrets of Speaking With Confidence

Video: Here are Five Secrets of Speaking With Confidence

This is a video outlines the five secrets of speaking with confidence, and is presented so clearly, that it is very easy to understand.


VIDEO: Make your presentation interesting –  Storytelling Workshop

Video: Storytelling Workshop

This is a workshop by Ty Bennett. He starts his presentation by telling a captivating story. He immediately gets your attention. You are impelled to listen to the very end as his story unfolds.



Is it difficult for other people to understand your spoken English? Do they sometimes look confused when you speak? I am a certified instructor of the evidence-based approach – the Compton P-ESL Method of Accent Modification – the most powerful, trusted and results-driven accent modification method. Free assessment of your accent
Make impromptu speeches, ice breaker speeches, AND complete the COURSE modules of speeches below. You will receive feedback for improvement. You can video record your presentations to demonstrate improvement over time.  Post your video on your website. Your website? Read why you should display your talents on your website here.

Tools and Tips

GRAMMAR Assistance

Ice Breaker 1 – Tell us something about you!

3 minutes

Helpful hints here]

– Determine why your topic is important to your audience
– Determine what point you are trying to make for your audience’s benefit
– Determine if and how you will involve the audience

– Select a theme
– List your main points
– Gather information

– Organize your material
– Prepare an interest-arousing introduction
– Plan a motivating conclusion
– Practice, Practice, Practice
– Video record yourself, if possible, and review

Ice Breaker 2 – Inform the audience – hold a conversation!
– Engage the audience with a question – relate the question to them
– Help the audience to relive one of your stories – so it touches their emotion
– End with a call to action, or by sharing your vision


Learn to Present Information to an Audience

Module 1
Creating a Positive First Impression

Module 2
Increasing Credibility

Module 3
Presenting Complex Information

Module 4
Communicating with Greater Impact

Module 5
Motivating Others to Action

Module 6
Responding to Pressure Situations

Module 7
Inspiring People to Embrace Change


Would you like to practice your presentation in your home, and get feedback from a virtual audience?
Get help here. Practice with me here: Tutor Marie


Would you leave a comment below? What’s working for you in improving your English presentation and public speaking skills? What do you feel you need help with? How do other people view your English presentation and public speaking skills?  What questions to do you have?

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