business presentation
business presentation

Does the idea of making  a presentation in English make you want to run away?

Do you have creative ideas, but struggle to organize and present them in easy to understand language and sequence?

About Me

Professionals select me as their online tutor to help them refine and practice oral presentations. They want someone  with the business expertise and the technical savvy to understand their profession, and ask questions to help them effectively communicate their words to their audience.

They may be preparing for a sales presentation or a product launch at a business meeting to be attended by international colleagues. They are familiar with the technical expressions for their job, but struggle to simplify their message for a wider audience. 

Effective techniques

  • Prepare a visual message – use lots of images
  • Make your main points at the beginning
  • Translate numbers and graphs into a visuals, so your audience can understandBUSINESS SUCCESS

Here is some of the work I do with professionals

  • Study technical background information from textbooks and online references
  • Confirm my understanding of the technical concepts


Outline – Answers to the following questions: 

  • What is the presentation’s specific purpose?
  • What are the key points the audience should remember?Presenter
  • What images can communicate the message?
  • How will you relate the subject to other fields of interest?
  • What questions would you ask if you were a member of the audience?


During preparation, we work to ensure the following criteria are met:

  • Develop a clear connection between the ideas
  • Place the most interesting aspects of the presentation at the beginning
  • Represent key points as images as well as text
  • Provide answers to questions the audience could have
  • Correct pronunciation for all words
  • Make sure your presentation is grammatically correct, rehearsed and timed

Here is an effective YouTube video which clarifies this point.

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