English for a Specific Purpose

Are you learning English language to accomplish a personal task or project?

Wdoctor studenthen you learn the English language for a practical purpose, for a function  – you will learn English for life.

This method is more effective, because your need to achieve your purpose or project sustains your focus on practicing English . This activity preserves the project’s priority.

Examples of projects or tasks which students complete while improving their English:


  • Professor – improve the pronunciation of technical words
  • Professor – explain your lecture and  technical concepts in English to native English speakers
  • Medical doctor – practice explaining medical concepts in English to native English speakers
  • Medical student- practice explaining medical concepts in English to native English speakers
  • Business person – Clarify and understand contracts
  • Develop Problem Solving Skills
  • Develop Leadership Skills – Select target skill, e.g.: Visionary Leadership
  • Develop Interpersonal Skills – Select target skill, e.g.: Negotiating Skills, Casual conversations with colleagues
  • Develop and improve communication using email


  • Write reports, booklets, advertising copy, advice columns or online newsletters
  • Write summary of interviews, television shows or books
  • Write blogs for personal websites
  • Develop  new product descriptions
  • Develop technical presentations
  • Writing contracts


  • Interview for a job
  • Interview a job candidate
  • Preparing for a speaking contest, or debate
  • Practice reading a play or auditioning for a speaking part
  • Listening and summarizing
  • Practice delivery of a presentation
  • Prepare to participate in a conference


  • Prepare for TOEFL Exam
  • Prepare for IELTS Exam

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Learning English for a purpose is a more effective method for many reasons, including the following:

You select a project in which you have a  strong personal interest. The project will include developing the main English language skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening. Project completion will also help you with e.g. accent modification, pronunciation, increase in fluency and overall proficiency. During each class, you actively apply the English you learn  to the task you want to complete.

You will work with your tutor to define the outcome or goal you expect to achieve at the end of your task or project (Can you measure it?)

You assume the responsibility for doing the work to achieve the goal.

You and the tutor will agree on a daily and weekly schedule of language improvement activities which will help you to finish your task.  You will not learn what you need to be successful, if you meet only once per month.


Language learning activities are selected to support your task completion.

You will decide on the quality of the results, by the effort you put in.

You will maintain interest in your goal, AND set your priority for completing the necessary project activities.


You will be able to see the results that you achieved. You will see the evidence that you improved your use of English. Presenter2You will see what you produced.


The adult learner’s ability to complete projects which they select will vary. Sometimes life intervenes. Sometimes your job responsibilities increase unexpectedly. An increase in job responsibilities, or a change in family circumstances will lower the priority for your English learning activities.


Your participation with an online tutor is entirely voluntary. There are no written contracts which compels your continued effort. So your success and outcomes are often reflection of your ability to accept responsibility to self-motivate and self-direct.

Throughout the entire process you will receive structured feedback and guidance to maintain your forward progress or address any errors or misunderstandings.

As you progress your confidence in speaking English will  increase rapidly.  Connect here.Asian Doctor


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