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Your WebsiteAre you prepared for the competition within your profession?  Whether you work as a contractor or an employee, having a personal website,  written in English, will enhance your ability to compete and advance within your profession.

Here are important reasons why you should create your personal website:


If you are interviewing for a job without having a personal website, written in English, to which you can refer potential partners or employers, then you are doing yourself a disservice.

Click here to watch Video – Creating Your Website in Under 30 Seconds

A website allows you to build your brand, reduce your job search effort, and promote your skills as nothing else can.

If you have a social media page, ask yourself, how does your page on or social media look different than anyone else’s?

How can you display your key differentiators without your personal website?  Resume’s and CV’s are stockpiled in a database.


With a basic website, you can work on different language-enhancing activities outside of a tutoring session. These activities are purposeful, so you  develop your English language to support the content that must be written for your website.  Developing your writing for your website connects you to your larger goal, such as developing academic skills, or providing a service to a wider audience or organization.


  • Use social media and to attract and direct traffic to your personal websites.
  • Your visitor will see only your content. (Social Media distracts your visitor with ads. LinkedIn distracts your visitor with displaying competing candidates.

So how do you build your website, when you are a doctor, or a lawyer, graduate student, or a professor? You can use the help from professionals who make building a website e-a-s-y. You will be guided through the process of creating your free website in 3 easy steps.  Wealthy Affiliate is the university for building websites that is simple enough for a child to understand.

Click here to watch Video – Creating Your Website in Under 30 Seconds

Do you have 1 hour? Then you can create a website and apply Search Engine Optimization (SEO) capabilities to truly display your capabilities in a format which recruiters and other audience participants find meaningful. Also, when you want additional functionality it is easy for you to upgrade.


You can take my course on Content development. We focus on organization of your web pages and developing content for your specific audience. I will guide you to see your content the way your reader would. Click globe to contact



Would you leave a comment below? What’s working for you in improving your English presentation and public speaking skills? What do you feel you need help with? How do others people view your English presentation and public speaking skills?  What questions to do you have?

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