What are the differences between spoken English and written English?

Spoken English is dependent on the speaker and their cultural or educational levels. It may contain slang words, grammatical challenges.

Written English is more formal, and reflects the standards and conventions of standard English. The writer may emphasize facts, or opinions, or stories, emotions or organized to meet business objectives.

Academic writing which is used within research papers, books, and research paper reviews, adopt conventional structures. Even though styles may vary from one learning institution to another, the following points are general features of academic writing.

– A statement about a topic which you believe is true.
– Questions about the topic
– Purpose of the current writing
– Current opinions from scholars on that topic
– Agreements and disagreements with various opinions
– Research and discovery of new information
– New information and future research options
– The focus is on actions, not the actors, and verbs tend to be passive.

Since writing is done based on the writer’s objective, I help clients to improve their writing by using techniques to pre-plan, write, and revise. This works for most writing purposes, including business emails, proposals, research papers, and high school narratives, expository texts or persuasive writing.


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