Speak English Fluently

Speaking Project


  • Send me a link to a topic or story you enjoy or one you need to review for your profession – 3 days before our session
  • Schedule a session here Tutor Marie


  • Learn the phrases within the topic. Learn phrases for business English. Don’t learn words alone, learn phrases as well. Practice developing sentences similar to the ones you see in the topic. The Oxford Dictionary has more example sentences for words.
  • Look in the mirror and speak to yourself about the topic. Make up questions about the topic, and answer them. Record yourself answering the questions. Find a podcast or audio on the internet where someone is speaking about that topic. Listen to very brief segments; pause the audio player; imitate the speaker as you repeat each segment 5 times. How do you sound compared to the native speaker?


  • Identify your target speaking standard.
  • Let’s discuss the topic during the session. Record the session.
  • Answer questions about the topic. Formulate your answer using the words and phrases you learned.Group speaking
  • Review the recording. Fix the oral errors. Practice and record yourself again.
  • Schedule sessions.
  • Repeat the above.


  • Find someone with whom to discuss the topic, using the correct business English. Write a blog about the topic. Use the phrases and words you learned. Your writing will help your speaking. Send me your writing to evaluate.

Note: Speaking English effectively also includes understanding cultural do’s and don’ts.  Culturally correct English involves knowing the best way to ask questions, or ask the speaker to repeat or clarify their words, without offending the speaker. We will discuss these aspects during tutoring classes. Find out more here:


  • Test yourself in the real world. How much have you improved?


Would you leave a comment below? What’s working for you in improving your English presentation and public speaking skills? What do you feel you need help with? How do other people view your English presentation and public speaking skills?  What questions to do you have?

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