Prepositions – Basic Meaning

Prepositions – Basic Meaning

Prepositions draw their significance from the noun or noun phrase which follows the preposition. Eg. The preposition ‘on’ clarifies the noun phrase which follows. …on the floor;   ….on the wall. The cat jumped on the floor. The paint was splashed on the wall.

The color of the preposition line tells you which noun explains the correctness of the preposition.


Particles are the words which follow the verb and completes the action of the verb. These combinations are called phrasal verbs.

E.g. Stand up, sit down, get up, shout out.   The performer gave a shout out to the audience.


Can you use the correct prepositions to describe the picture? You could try developing many sentences from this picture.

Prepositions in Use

Preposition diagramDirections

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