Improve Your English For Business

Business English coaching helps you to compete and succeed in the very competitive world of international business.

Why a Personal English Tutor and Coach?

A personal coach and practice partner can focus on just you, during the teaching sessions.

  • You improvebusiness star at your own pace.
  • You chose the schedule.
  • You take an initial assessment of your skills.

The results of the assessment help you to target the skill to improve. Improving your English for business requires coaching which is relevant to your specific business or profession.

  • How do I determine English skill level?
  • What should I try to improve first?
  • How do I get ready to do the work necessary to achieve your goals?
  • How do I maintain my focus, and drive?
  • How do I plan my improvement activities?
  • How do I sustain my improvement?
  • What external supports are there?

Schedule your interactive, personalized coaching and tutoring sessions.

Can you feel the pressure building?

You need to learn English for your job, but the only people who speak English on your job are your international team members. You try to say a few words during team meetings, but you are ignored because your creative thoughts are masked by your difficult to understand accent or inadequate grammar. So you retreat, into silence, into depression.

They say you should practice speaking English. With whom should you practice? The people in your neighborhood do not speak English. You want a safe environment to practice English, where you will be encouraged, not mocked. You may dream of moving to an English speaking country where you would be surrounded with English. Then you remember your cousin, who moved to America 15 years ago, and still cannot speak or understand English fluently.

You may consider taking classes at your local college, but then you realize you may be taught by persons who are not native speakers. Also you will be one of many students in a class. Your silence is likely to become more pronounced.  Where can you go to have a native English tutor focus their time on helping you, correcting your mistakes, and selecting resources appropriate for you?

Answer: Online Private English Tutor.

Your tutor will focus her attention on your skills assessment and progress, your needs, your barriers.

You will not compete with other classmates for speaking time. You will be the focus of attention.

Your speaking and listening challenges will be incorporated into lessons so that you improve at your pace.

All tutoring activities support a central project objective for your personal growth in business, or in your career.


Would you leave a comment below? What’s working for you in improving your English presentation and public speaking skills? What do you feel you need help with? How do other people view your English presentation and public speaking skills?  What questions to do you have?

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