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American Accent vs. British Accent – which is better?

English language learners in business may say that they prefer learning either the British accent or the American accent. Which is choice is better? What do you mean by the American accent, or the British accent.

Meaning of Accent

Accent means the way in which words are pronounced. Every English language learner knows that in their native language, people from different regions of their country will pronounce words in a slightly different way. So the accent or pronunciation you learn should depend on who you will be speaking with predominantly, and for what purpose. If you live and work in the USA and interact primarily with Americans, then you may have a preference for learning the American accent.

Is there just one American or British accent?

No. The American or British societies are subdivided into regions, and people who spend most of their lives in that region will display certain varieties of pronunciations unique to that region. When students study English in their own countries, they will often be taught English in, what is considered, the accent or pronunciation which is the easiest for them to understand. English language learners will not often be aware of the regional variations to pronunciation. Additionally, people from different regions also use slight variations in grammar and word choice. In the USA, there are several words which are used to represent this item, and the word used depends on the region in which the speaker has grown:

Soda, pop
Soda, pop

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How can an English Language Learner understand different accents?

  1. Listen to speakers of English from different regions in the US or England, which you can understand.
  2. Listen to American and British radio.
  3. Search Google: American accents       British accents
  4. In the YouTube video – turn on sub-titles
  5. Have some fun with the differences.  As always – use your dictionary.

You will find that my personal accent is crystal clear, somewhat American and somewhat British.  Let’s have a conversation on Verbling.

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