Interviewing Skills

Everyone can use a little help  when it comes to developing their English language interviewing skills.  Here are 3 ways in which I help my clients.

  1. Guide you through the interview preparation process. Prepare you for professional positions in the UK and US markets, and any English speaking country. I conduct realistic simulations of your interviews. I coach you to perfect your answers.
  2. Specialized job function – Do you have a specialized job function? If you provide the job specific details  in 1-2 days before our session, I will be ready to ask you the tough, interview questions in the English Language.
  3. Evaluate your answers and provide feedback on specific aspects which should be improved and HOW to improve, using business English. We rehearse until you perfect your answers, so that you are able to offer a properly structured response, and do so confidently during the interview. Click the image to book a session.Questions
  4. You should know and practice:
    • What to say when asked about salary questions
    • How to answer your weaknesses, or your strengths questions
    • How to describe a solution you developed which showed your initiative
    • What should you know about the company before the interview
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Click the image to book a session.

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